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Managing citizen outreach campaigns
Participant at a Mobile communications for development workshop

Traditional ways to get your message out to target communities such as radio, TV and news media campaigns are great but can be expensive and ineffective. TransparentAID offers a suite of SMS, voice and online tools to allow measurable, targeted and cost-effective communications campaigns. Features include citizen reporting mechanisms and social networking that improve project awareness and stakeholder involvement. Donors can see exactly who has received

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Conflict reporting and incident mapping tools
Conflict reporting system

The TransparentAid team has designed a framework for conflict monitoring and reporting and we are currently developing a system that enables: Mobile incident reporting - ability to report incidents via their mobile phones and to capture rich voice testimonies from the field on mediation activities. Conflict mapping – the ability to map incidents to allow quick analysis of incident hot spots and escalation. Group communications – to enable rapid

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Monitoring and evaluation
Tanzania pollination

TransparentAid helps donors get validated, rich and managed feedback from aid beneficiaries on the effectiveness of aid spending. Donors and international aid agencies are facing increasing pressure to show clear evidence that their programmes are having a positive and sustainable impact on target beneficiaries. However, current approaches to impact assessment are ineffective because: - Traditional monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are post hoc

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