About TransparentAid

TransparentAID is a development aid transparency platform that enables public and private donor organisations and companies to get validated, rich and managed feedback from aid beneficiaries on the effectiveness of aid spending.

What’s the problem?

More than $100 billion is spent annually on overseas development assistance, with over 80,000 on-going projects around the world, armies of consultants, aid workers and service providers deployed in every conceivable sector. Yet, there is a clear consensus that the return on this investment is poor, and incidences of poverty continue to show that this expenditure has had suboptimal impact. In a climate of global fiscal austerity, taxpayers the world over are questioning the value of continuing to fund an industry that rarely provides the value for money intended, and finds it difficult to celebrate significant results.

To assuage the growing tide of criticism, an ‘Aid effectiveness’ agenda has emerged over the last decade, accompanied by a raft of bilateral and multilateral initiatives that seek to rationalise aid and improve transparency. The majority of development agencies and countries have signed up to a commitment to manage aid and, critically, aid data better. However, these initiatives stop short in providing mechanisms for real insight into what makes aid effective and donors, beneficiaries and taxpayers are still finding it difficult to answer key questions such as:

  • What is the money being spent on and is it being spent wisely?
  • What do direct beneficiaries think of a project’s effectiveness?
  • How do donors, implementation agencies and recipients measure up in terms of spending taxpayers’ money efficiently?
  • How does TransparentAid help to solve this issue?

TransparentAID works with organisations to facilitate getting direct, verified feedback from end beneficiaries on the effectiveness of their aid spending.

We use a suite of tools that enable:

  • Real-time, social monitoring and evaluation of development projects
  • Rich insight from the grassroots into what works and what doesn’t
  • Citizen outreach mechanisms to improve project visibility, accessibility and local community engagement