HBS project

Development of a mobile conflict monitoring, reporting and collaboration system for peacekeepers in Northern Nigeria. Funded by Heinrich Boell Stiftung (HBS). Scheduled for rollout February 2013.


HBS is working to establish and strengthen local structures of conflict management in volatile regions of Nigeria and to increase the participation of women in conflict preventions and peace building. HBS, partnered with Khaliben Konsult – a local civil society organisation – to establish female peace committees (PCs) in North West Nigeria. The peace committees work with Khaliben Konsult to prevent or resolve conflict by:

  • gathering information through a network of intelligence gatherers who reside within local communities and who report back to Khaliben’s PCs on conflict issues.
  • assessing conflict reports and working with local community members to resolve issues.
  • working with local leaders (traditional and religious), the police, the security services, political leaders and the state authorities to reduce community tensions.

What are the donor challenges?

As of November 2011 Khaliben has trained over 400 peace committee members and the programme appears to be playing a major role in conflict management in the region. However, despite the apparent success of the programme the local partner does not have the capacity to provide detailed data on the conflicts themselves and how peace committee members are resolving them. It is therefore difficult to measure the true impact of the programme.


What TransparentAid is doing

The TransparentAid team has designed a framework for conflict monitoring and reporting and we are currently developing a system that enables:

  • Mobile incident reporting – ability for PC members to report incidents via an innovative mobile reporting system and to capture rich voice testimonies from the field on mediation activities.
  • Group communications – to enable rapid information sharing and early warning alerts between PC members and Khaliben staff and to facilitate a faster response from state authorities.
  • Reporting – the ability to extract summaries of conflict data for analysis by key stakeholders.


The system is due to launch in 2013 and will:

  • enable systematic management and reporting of conflicts handled by female PC members and their male counterparts to improve impact assessment, facilitate reporting and evidence-based advocacy;
  • facilitate rich insight and data collection on what PC members are achieving and showcasing HBS’ impact in this area;
  • support PC members in their efforts to reach out to communities proactively to identify and resolve conflicts earlier and raise gender and rights awareness within communities;
  • improve communication and collaboration amongst and between PC members – especially female peace committee members who may feel isolated due to religious and cultural restrictions.