Monitoring and evaluation

Tanzania pollination

TransparentAid helps donors get validated, rich and managed feedback from aid beneficiaries on the effectiveness of aid spending.

Donors and international aid agencies are facing increasing pressure to show clear evidence that their programmes are having a positive and sustainable impact on target beneficiaries. However, current approaches to impact assessment are ineffective because:

- Traditional monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are post hoc and/or conducted at a stage when any feedback adds little value to the programme.

- Assessments are often carried out by those involved in project delivery and therefore are not independent and may lack credibility.

- There is a little scope for constructive feedback from direct beneficiaries.

- Local partners often do not have the capacity to effectively report on their activities.

Rather than relying on external consultants who may be unfamiliar with the local environment, TransparentAid works with local consultants to enable donors to get real insight into their aid spend.

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