Mobile reporting system for community paralegals

For more than a decade, Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS) has maintained a successful partnership with the Civil Resource Development and Documentation Center (CIRDDOC) in Nigeria, principally through CIRDOCC’s implementation of the project titled “Gender Equity and Good Governance”. The project, which seeks generally to promote human rights, gender equality and good governance at the local level, has evolved beyond its early incarnation as effectively

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Assessment of Conflict Prevention and Resolution Project – Khaliben Konsult

Politically and economically disenfranchised, there appears to be a growing frustration in Northern Nigeria over resource allocation, the religious divide and the continued domination of the Christian south. Against this backdrop the Heinrich Boll Foundation (HBS) in Nigeria  is funding the peace building activities of Khaliben Konsult, a civil society organisation founded in 2002. Khaliben’s activities centre on conflict resolution and peace-building

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Voice reporting workshop in Sokoto

TransparentAid will be holding a voice-reporting workshop with 50 female peace keepers in Sokoto, Northern Nigeria.

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