TransparentAID offers a variety of products and services including:

Aid communications, monitoring and effectiveness evaluation platform

The TransparentAID platform enables donors to get validated, rich and managed feedback from aid beneficiaries on the effectiveness of aid spending.

Rather than relying on external consultants who may be unfamiliar with the local environment, TransparentAID enables donors to get feedback directly from local beneficiaries and stakeholders via our online and mobile platform. Specifically TransparentAID offers donors:

  • A validated mechanism for getting and managing beneficiary feedback into aid effectiveness
  • Real time monitoring of effectiveness metrics and key performance indicators. The platform enables greater control over how money is spent and the facilitation of adjustments to often fast-changing project environments.
  • Powerful reporting features that enable donors to respond to questions on aid effectiveness allows for more proactive reporting and results-based aid in the face of growing public scrutiny
  • TransparentAID offers an easy to use mobile and web-publishing platform that enables donors to communicate efficiently with beneficiaries throughout the project lifecycle

Managing citizen outreach campaigns

Traditional ways to get the message out to large communities such as mass media radio, TV and news media campaigns are expensive and ineffective. TransparentAID offers a suite of SMS and online tools to allow measurable, targeted and cost-effective communications campaigns. Features include citizen reporting mechanisms and social networking that improve project awareness and stakeholder involvement. Donors can see exactly who has received a particular message and how effective campaigns are.

Enabling group collaboration

TransparentAID’s web-based platform enables an efficient way for donors and their partners to collaborate on development projects. Most collaboration on development projects relies on emails and memo. TransparentAID offers an effective to manage this flow of communication whilst allowing efficient collaboration between respective parties.